BPH Treatment: Robotic “Simple” Prostatectomy


This surgery removes the inside of the prostate. It is similar to a HoLEP but requires cutting of the skin. For men with very large prostates, this is a good option to remove a larger portion of the prostate.

How it Works

This surgery is performed with the help of robotic technology to minimize the incisions and recovery time. Although it is similar, this is not the same surgery that is done for prostate cancer.

This procedure requires a general anesthesia, and most men require an overnight hospital stay.


  • A catheter is required for about seven days.
  • Some men will experience ejaculatory dysfunction, specifically retro­grade ejaculation.
  • The risk of erectile dysfunction is very low.
  • The procedure requires decreased activity for 2-4 weeks.
  • Blood in the urine is expected for 1-2 weeks, although it may come and go for longer.
  • Burning with urination and/or urinary frequency and urgency may last for a few weeks.
  • This procedure is best for the largest prostate sizes, as it removes the most prostate tissue.
  • Prostate tissue is removed and will be checked for cancer by a pathologist.