Convenience and confidentiality through mail-order service

Your ED prescriptions are delivered right to your home.

Get your ED prescription filled conveniently and confidentially.

Through our new relationship with The Urology Group in Cincinnati, we can now offer our patients mail-order pharmacy services. Our prices for erectile dysfunction drugs may be LOWER than what you’re currently paying.

Here’s How:

  1. Your prescription will be filled within 24 business hours of receipt.
  2. We will text you when it’s ready. Call us back at the number in the text to arrange shipping.
  3. Our team will confirm your shipping address, collect payment information, and connect you with a pharmacist if you have questions.

Call 800-509-3006

Weekdays: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Or click the image below to get a price quote. We will respond to quotes within 24 business hours.

About Our Pharmacy

The Urology Group’s Pharmacy in Cincinnati offers patients convenience and, in some cases, lower cost for certain prescriptions.

Patient benefits
  • We can fill prescriptions written by The Urology Group physicians or other physicians.
  • We can transfer prescriptions from other pharmacies.
  • We offer lower costs for certain prescriptions.
  • We provide patients with education about urology-specific medications in a private setting.
  • Our staff can help patients with paperwork to get financial assistance for out-of-pocket expenses related to some prostate cancer medications.
Specialized services
  • Patient Counseling
  • Medication Synchronization
  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Medication Adherence

URAC-Accredited Pharmacy

The Urology Group has earned URAC accreditation in Specialty Pharmacy. URAC is the independent leader in promoting healthcare quality through leadership, accreditation, measurement and innovation. By achieving this status, The Urology Group has demonstrated a comprehensive commitment to quality care, improved processes and better patient outcomes.

About URAC

Founded in 1990, URAC is the independent leader in promoting healthcare quality through leadership, accreditation, measurement and innovation. URAC is a nonprofit organization using evidence-based measures and developing standards through inclusive engagement with a range of stakeholders committed to improving the quality of healthcare. Our portfolio of accreditation and certification programs span the healthcare industry, addressing healthcare management, healthcare operations, health plans, pharmacies, telehealth providers, physician practices, and more. URAC accreditation is a symbol of excellence for organizations to showcase their validated commitment to quality and accountability.

“It’s necessary for specialty pharmacies to provide a higher level of treatment for patients so desired outcomes are achieved. The Urology Group shows a dedication to patient education and safety through the recognition of quality it received with URAC’s independent accreditation,” said URAC President and CEO Shawn Griffin, M.D. “With URAC accreditation, people know that The Urology Group strives to adhere to industry best practices.”
Accreditation process

The URAC accreditation process demonstrates a commitment to quality services and serves as a framework to improve business processes through benchmarking organizations against nationally recognized standards.

URAC accreditation requires applicants to submit policies, procedures, and other organizational information that is followed by a review. Once an application is received by URAC, a primary reviewer is assigned and coordinates all aspects of the review until a decision on accreditation has been determined.

URAC’s accreditation process enables learning and compliance with nationally recognized healthcare standards and supports improvements and innovation in healthcare management and delivery. URAC also offers educational content, including workshops, webinars, articles, issue briefs, videos, and white papers.