Our team specializes in treating some of the most frequent forms of cancers including prostate, kidney, bladder and testicular cancers.

Conditions We Treat

Cancer is the growth of a malignant tumor or an abnormal group of cells in the body. More than 100 forms of cancer are known, including prostate, kidney and bladder cancers. Such malignant tumors can grow in the organ from which they develop, invade adjacent organs or spread to distant parts of the body. For this reason, cancer symptoms may vary widely depending on type.

Upon detection, cancers are classified by grade and stage (a higher grade and stage indicates a more aggressive tumor). Cancer treatments include chemotherapy, radiation, surgical removal of the tumor, and more recently developed immunotherapies that use your body’s own immune system to attack cancer cells.

Using the most advanced procedures available, our dedicated physicians are specially trained to treat the following cancers. Our physicians can also treat more uncommon cancers such as penile, urethral, ureteral and other upper urinary tract tumors.