Up all night in the bathroom again?

Urinating shouldn’t be frustrating – or keep you up at night. BPH can be treated.

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Overactive bladder? Interstim can help

Only “go” when you really have to.

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Providing Exceptional Care for Over 25 Years

For over 25 years, The Urology Group Central Indiana has been Central Indiana’s premier urology practice. It’s our mission to partner with our patients to improve their lives. Hear what our patients have to say.

Everyone at Urology Associates is amazing. If I have any questions, they are quick and thorough with their answers.

I only have had positive office visits. They listen to my concerns, and suggest the best route to take to receive relief. I am never embarrassed talking to the nurses. Always sets my mind at ease.

Knowledgeable, friendly, customer-focused service.

Find the Care You Need

The right treatments, through science, innovation and compassion.

Our team specializes in providing advanced care for a range of conditions involving cancer, the kidneys, urinary health and sexual health for men and women. We do this through continued investments in state-of-the art equipment and procedures, ongoing education and by working in partnership with our patients.

A Premier Network of Urology Specialists

The Urology Group Central Indiana is part of The Urology Group in Cincinnati, one of the largest single specialty groups of urologists in the United States. Our group consists of highly trained, board-certified urologists and advanced practice providers with convenient neighborhood offices in Central Indiana. Together, we offer our patients a comprehensive team of urologic healthcare providers.

Resources From The Urology Group

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Testicular Cancer Awareness Month: Self-Exams Can Save Lives

Testicular cancer is not common but tends to strike early. The average age of diagnosis is 33, so young men should perform a self-examine once a month.

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Ready for some exciting basketball? We’ve got your assist: VasMadness

More than half a million men opt to undergo a vasectomy annually, and in March,  that number climbs – by as much as 50%,. Learn the facts!

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